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On Android or iOS, type in "The JUL TV Network" into your app store; hit download to get the JUL TV app for free and watch all of your favourite episodes on the go!

Download the FREE JUL TV App!

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Click HERE and subscribe to our YouTube channel using the red subscribe button on the right. Once you are subscribed all JUL-TV programming will appear in your subscription feed as it is uploaded. You can also watch previous episodes anytime you please.

Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

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If you own the ROKU hardware, go to your home screen. On the left there will be a list of options, arrow down to “streaming channels” and hit “ok”. Now arrow down to “Search Channels” and hit “ok” again. Using the arrow button click on the letters to spell “JUL-TV” when the JUL-TV logo appears, off to the right will be another set of options, click on “Get channel”. Once the channel is downloaded it will appear in your list of channels on your ROKU device. You can now watch all JUL-TV programming as it is uploaded or on demand, whenever you’d like.

Watch Now on ROKU

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Download the JUL-TV channel from the app store. Once you have the channel downloaded you can watch all of the JUL-TV programming.

JULTV on Amazon Fire TV

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Follow our Facebook page HERE to watch shows as they are aired!

Get Updated with Facebook

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Go to and click on “Sign In”. Our User ID is: tjulian and the password is: YTAClub2018. Once you are signed in you can click on “watch live” or you can search whatever show you want to watch and you can watch it from here. You can also catch the following shows live online at and if a local network where you live airs Youtoo America programming, you can watch it on your regular TV.

Mark Burnett, one of the creators of Youtoo TV, is also the creator of "The Voice", "Survivor", "The Apprentice", "The Bible" and many other popular television programs loved by millions in America. Watch Dr.Detective TV on YOUTOO America today!

View on You Too America!

Go to ( is not the same website) 


You must sign up in order to watch programming online. It’s free so just enter a valid email and follow the instructions. Once you have verified your email and completed the sign up process it will automatically log you in. Simply search for the title of the program you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page. Enjoy our programming. Conservative, God driven, family friendly.

View on Cross TV!

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